Using the CTARC Website

The CTARC online presence is twofold:

1. The CTARC Website
(which you are now looking at)

URL : www.ctarc.org.za

This website holds generic club information that changes infrequently, e.g. the Consitution, the Contact Details, etc.

Navigate the website pages via the sidebar on the left.

2. The CTARC Blogspot

URL : https://zs1ct.blogspot.com/

The blogspot contains specific club information that is updated frequently. This includes notifications and other time-sensitive info, the latest club news, events, reports and photographs, in a classic blog format, with articles posted in descending time order.

We do it this way is because it's easier and faster to upload info to the blog. Cheaper, too!

Navigate the blogspot pages and articles via the sidebar on the right.

Click on a keyword below an article to see all posts sharing that keyword.