CTARC Bulletins & Nets


The CTARC transmits a weekly news bulletin every Sunday morning, starting at 08h30 local time on the following frequencies and media:


Via the 145.750 MHz repeater in FM mode duplex.
This is the Primary CTARC Bulletin frequency.

A VHF relay is (on occasion) also on 145.300 MHz simplex in Upper Sideband mode


When relay stations are available, relays of the VHF bulletins are simultaneously broadcast on the following HF frequencies (for the benefit of listeners without VHF equipment or beyond the range of the repeaters):

3.700 MHz in the 80 metre band, and
7.086 MHz.in the 40 metre band (currently inactive)


The ZS6SRL and ZS1CT Bulletins are also sent out on Echolink via ZS1DCC-R via kind courtesy of Alistair ZS1OK.

The first bulletin is a relay of the SARL HQ Bulletin in English. It starts at 08h30. The second bulletin is the CTARC's Club Bulletin which follows immediately after the first, usually at around 08h45.

Towards the end of the bulletin, a "Swop-Shop" call-in is held for those wishing to offer ham radio-related items for swop or sale. No prices are mentioned on air.

At the end of the bulletin, a general call-in is held for those radio amateurs who have not already been logged before or during the bulletin. Listeners are encouraged to give their call signs.

The bulletins are prepared and read by various committee members on a schedule that is subject to change.Towards the end of a bulletin, the following week's bulletin reader and contact details are announced.

The current list of bulletin readers is here

To contact the next week's bulletin reader to make an announcement (other than a Swop or call-in), please e-mail the club secretary at info@ctarc.org.za before the Thursday preceding the Sunday bulletin.

The CTARC Bulletin Manager is Paul ZS1S.


Day Time Freq MHz Mode Description
Tues 20h00 B: 50.200 USB simplex

6m Net
Tues 20h30 B: 51.510 FM

6m Net
Wed 19h30 B: 145.700 FM narrow
Hamnet Bn
Thur 19h30 B: 144.300 USB simplex

2m SSB Net
Sun 07h45 B: 145.625
FM narrow

Club Bulletin
Sun 08h30 B: 145.750 FM wide
ZS6SRL & ZS1CT Bulletins